Green Board GB1050

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400 руб.
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GB1050 is the GreenBoard Fibre board with fixed density of 1050 kg/m3. Green Boards of GB1050 brand are applied in the most critical from the standpoint of structural properties solutions. Basically it is the arrangement of the sub-floor and the solid roofing. Besides, the fibrolite of GB1050 brand is a very durable material, suitable for external cladding (for the ventilated facade) and internal wall and partitions cladding, with the creation of the surfaces with the seams. Environmental safety, improved fire resistance, perfect sound insulation properties and improved structural strength give the possibility for the fibro boards of GB1050 brand to compete successfully with similar board materials and they are in high demand among the informed customers.

GreenBoards are completely safe and combine the best qualities of stone and timber. Green Board fibrolite consists of specially calibrated wood wool - 60%, Portland cement - 39.8% and waterglass - 0.2%. GreenBoard fibrolite of GB1050 brand is available in boards with sizes of 3000 x 600 mm, with thicknesses from 10 to 22 mm.


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