Green Board GB600

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360 руб.
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GB600 is the Greenboard Fibrolite board with the fixed density of 600 kg/m3. Green Board brand GB600 is a universal board material having a wide application in various structural elements of the buildings. Besides, Fibrolite board GB600 is a light and durable building material for the finishing and interior design of premises with different functions. Environmental and fire safety, structural strength, along with the unique sound insulation parameters, as well as a "designer" texture give a possibility to apply GB600 as a fitting solution for the construction and finishing of the public places with high requirements for fire and environmental safety, including such facilities as gyms, educational centers, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, etc. Green Board GB600 brand is used as a cladding material for arranging the walls of frame buildings. Greenboard GB600 can serve as a retained formwork for medium and light concrete in a monolithic housing technology. In addition, GB600 is widely and successfully used in the construction of partitions, floors (for tiling) and ceilings.

Green Boards are completely safe and combine the best qualities of stone and timber. GreenBoard GB600 brand is available in boards with sizes of 3000 x 600 mm and thicknesses of 14, 25, 35 and 50 mm. The components for the producing of Green Board fibrolite are calibrated wood wool - 60%, Portland cement - 39,8%, and warerglass - 0,2%.

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