Wooden reinforced frame

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2800 руб.
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The wooden reinforced frame «Drevkar» is the structural basis for the construction of the buildings for various purposes by frame housing technology. The reinforced frame is assembled from a series of the profiled glued beams of three types: L-shaped, T-shaped and flange. All components are factory fabricated in accordance with the design and technical documentation, and regulatory requirements for wooden beams.

Двутавровая-балка.jpg Т-образная-балка.jpg Г-образная-балка.jpg

The reinforced frame kit includes:
- biding of all levels;
- supports of the load-bearing walls - 175 mm;
- framing of the openings;
- joists - 210 mm;
- rafter system.

The principle of "a hot corner" is realized in this technology to prevent from the freezing of the house corners.


The material is 100% wood (pine), oven-dry of the first and second grade.

The possibility of the realization of any architectural idea:
- an individual approach to the design;
- standard solutions availability.

Fast assembly (7 - 10 days) on any foundation type:
- unification and precision of the components, standard knots and solutions;
- factory fabricated and equipped in accordance with the project design documentation;
- the lack of the "wet" processes due to all-weather installation.

Strength, durability and quality of each individual element:
- use of environmentally safe German adhesive Kleiberit;
- quality control at all stages of production;
- compliance with the requirements of state standard specification;
- fire and biological protection at the factory by dipping.

Ecological safety is the freedom of choice of insulation technology, as well as sheathing material in favor of environmentally friendly solutions.

Technology «Drevkar» is optimal for a wide range of climatic zones and geological conditions. Varying the thickness of the heat insulation gives a possibility to apply the same houses designs both in the southern regions of our country and in the Far North, using any foundation type.

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