Фиброцементный сайдинг

The fiber cement siding is a modern composite material. In 1907 Louis Gachek brought the fiber cement siding samples to our country. He had developed a fiber cement formulation. The first fiber cement plant in the history of Russia was launched in Bryansk after his visit. But manufactured material by asbestos technology was used as an additional flame retardant. A new era of fiber cement siding application started relatively recently. It was caused by the lack of high-quality building material corresponding to the characteristics of durability and environmental safety.



The basis of the fiber-cement siding is cement and sand. The binders are water and cellulose fiber. The combination of these components provides the unique properties of the fiber cement.



The estimated lifetime of fiber cement siding is at least 50 years. This means that the price /quality ratio fully meets the expectations of the end user. Besides, the need to repair the façade of your house will not occur for several decades. By using low-cost and commonly applied materials, you should take into account that the costs for their repair and maintenance can be compared with the initial price of the material and  it will be extra item of your expenditure.


Fire resistance

The fiber cement refers to a non-flammable and resistant combustion materials due to its composition. Furthermore, during the repeated temperature rise, the siding emits no chemical compounds and it is not deformed. This fact is essential in cases when the house is close to the flammable objects, for example, next to the forest.



The value of frost-resistance is determined by the number of cycles of the environment temperature transition through the zero mark. At the same time the residual strength must be at least 90%. The fiber cement siding overcomes the standard mark of 150 cycles and retains its properties at temperatures ranging from -45 C to +50 C.


Humidity resistance

Due to the special structure, the fiber cement siding micropores may eventually be filled with water, and during temperature rise, the water evaporates from them without affecting the structure and properties of the material itself.



The fiber cement boards are several times stronger than other coating materials (wood, plastic) for an equal thickness (8 - 10 mm). This means that in the event of the natural physical loads material will retain its properties.


Ecological properties

All components of the Cedral fiber cement siding are natural and do not have a negative impact on the environment and human health. Besides, it should be noted that during the drying process with high steam and pressure, the fiber cement structure becomes almost homogeneous, and all chemical processes irreversibly stop. While disposing, the material is crushed and can be recycled and used as the filler in the manufacture of other cementitious building materials.


The range of fiber cement siding in our company is represented by the variety of colors and textures, and thus, it will give you a possibility to realize the most creative architectural solutions to your life!

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