Обогреватели энергосберегающие

Megador is the skirting board energy-saving convector, designed as an economical alternative to the water heating in the country houses and other dwelling rooms. In comparison with other convectors, Megador has several advantages:

Compact size

Megador heater is inconspicuous in the interior, mobile, easy to install and store.

Cost efficiency

Megador heaters are 40% more economical than other types of heaters. Maximum power of Megador is 600 Watts. To maintain the temperature after the heating of the premises, the power may be reduced to the required level up to 50 Watts.

Safety and reliability

Megador heater is not afraid of moisture, and even the direct contact with water. The heater is fire-safe, it can be left on even when you are out.

Megador design gives a possibility to create a system consisting of several heaters, controlled by a single thermostat. A socket can accept up to 5 heaters.

The principle of the operation:

The heater is arranged on the floor at the wall. Due to the convective component, it evenly heats the entire surface of the wall. The heated wall radiates heat into the room. This process reduces heat losses as the warmth does not leave the room through a heated and dry wall. Thus, Megador heater gives an opportunity to maintain a constant comfortable temperature indoors.

The manufacturer's warranty is 10 years.

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