Green Technologies

At the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, we all were more likely to think that natural resources are not infinite, and the human eye is pleased to observe the environment less and less. Getting, processing and manufacturing in order to obtain economic benefits, we are steadily and methodically destroying the walls "of our own home." According to the World Bank, the carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) in the atmosphere are rising by about 1% annually, and, according to their own predictions, by 2025, about 2 billion people will need clean water.


Nowadays the modern intelligent community thinks over about water and air quality, and hence the state of own health. In the context of ecologically unfavorable situation, more and more people get interested in so-called "green" technologies. In accordance with the terminology of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the fields of "green" technologies include:

- the activity of waste management;

- the efforts to reduce water, air and land pollution,;

- expanding energy efficiency in buildings and lighting, reduction of hazardous emissions and energy production from the renewable sources.


The research conducted by analyst firm «Plunkett Research», show that the revenues from sales of "green" technology were more than 2 trillion $ in 2010, and, according to its predictions, they will  have grown by 4 times and will be more than 8 trillion dollars by 2020. In addition, according to the experts, "green technology" which are aimed to improve the efficiency of construction materials and transport, will be developed on a priority basis. At the industrial level, the concepts of environmentally friendly policy are firmly entrenched, in particular these are the rational water use, the waste management activity, energy efficiency technologies. The same tendency is regularly moving onto the level of an ordinary consumer.


The energy-saving technologies are successfully used, there are some topical ones among them such as the installation of innovative ventilation systems and alternative solar lighting systems. Besides, the energy saving equipment such as the heaters and thermostats are gaining popularity among the consumers.


The waste management technologies are designed for the comfortable existence in the country houses. For example, biological agents for waste recycling, composting are widely used. In addition, for proper functioning of the sewer systems of your houses, the biological purification plants and specialized range of septic tanks are applied.


While the rates of water consumption are rising, there is a great demand for the technologies of the rational use of water. Such technology, for example, is the use of aerators that optimizes the water flow rate and significantly saves the water consumption.


Green technologies, presented by GreenBuildTrade, will help you to create a comfortable and cozy environment at your home, apartment, office, etc.

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