About company

LLC «GreenBuildTrade» is a leading supplier of clean and safe building materials and «green» equipment, providing a high quality of life on a healthy planet. We develop and offer special solutions for homeowners and construction companies. Our solutions provide energy efficiency, environmental safety, as well as comfortable living environment and accommodation in the built in and existing homes, apartments and other premises. We supply the materials and equipment for any projects, large and small, across the country - from the single-family homes to the corporate headquarters.


Our mission is to make human safe building materials, as well as the technologies for sustainable development, readily available for the private homeowners and builders. While selecting the suppliers and materials, we are applying our (independent) evaluation system based on the initial parameters such as resource management and recovery, energy efficiency, ecological safety, and the producer’s adherence to the principles of the human safety and the environment protection. Remember that by choosing our solutions, you will not only take care of your family's health, but also of the health of future generations!


GreenBuildTrade is the real business with the multi-branch network of distributers and dealers (including the online stores). Our warehouses in different regions of Russia and well-planed logistics give us a possibility to realize your wishes at the highest level as soon as possible!


This online platform is designed to provide the convenient and efficient cooperation with our customers: from giving all available information on this product to order taking and transportation arranging.


If you have any questions, please send your message to us: sales@g-b-t.ru or call: +7 (495) 662-59-59

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