Gypsum-chip Board

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160 руб.
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Gypsum-chip board (GCB) is an environmentally safe, innovative building material of the high density (1250 kg/m3) for the interior finishing of the floor, walls, partitions and ceilings constructions. GCB combines the best properties of gypsum and timber. Gypsum is a perfect sound insulator and humidity regulator due to its properties. Besides it does not burn. The reinforcing chips content in the board causes high strength of the material, for example, a self-tapping screw without a dowel in the board of 10 mm thick withstands the load more than 100 kg. Gypsum-chip boards perfectly solve the problems of sound insulation in the premises (airborne sound insulation 32 - 35 dB).

The composition:
gypsum - 85%
chips - 15%
moisture - 2%

GCBs are produced in the boards (sheets). Dimensions (L x W x H (mm)) are: 3000, 2500, 1500, 500 x 1250 x 10, 12.
GCB is available as a ground one (thickness tolerance +/- 0,3 mm), besides, GCB has two kinds of the longitudinal tip edge: straight (SE) and folded (FE).

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