Spring assembly Sila

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70 руб.
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The spring assembly "Sila" is an effective substitute for the existing methods of coupling of the walls and partitions elements in the construction of the wooden structures (beams and profiled beams, logs and round logs). The spring assembly "Sila" is a stainless steel mechanism, consisting of a powerful self-tapping threaded screws and springs, fixed on both sides by the figured washers. The presence of the spring leads to the connection of the parts not just rigidly fixed, but also responds to the changes in pressure and loads in the structure. Unlike traditional studs and wooden pins, the spring assembly creates a standing force, reaching 130 kg, which compensates the deformations and provides the reliability of the structure. Thus, the spring assembly "Sila" is not a simple mechanical connection, but a "smart" device that most closely matches the nature of the wood (strength and resilience), transforming a house with a set of numerous different parts in a living organism, easily reacting to the negative external effects.

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